Our rules and principals of ethical conduct

We aim for all our members to provide the best possible service to customers and to offer good advice.  Our FKBD code of practice simply defines the guidelines we have in place to achieve this objective.



The FKBD maintain a Code of Practice which all members are bound to follow.  The code is designed to ensure that customers can be offered a fair deal and a quality service while providing the FKBD member simple guidelines for providing a professional service, and for protecting themselves.

By accepting any category of membership of the FKBD the member agrees to conduct their business and dealings within the terms of the FKBD Code of Practice.


Within the following code the term members is used to describe members in general and will include Associates, Members, and any other classification of membership which the FKBD may introduce.

The FKBD Code of Practice.

Members of the FKBD will conduct their business and dealings with financial responsibility and on a professional and ethically sound basis and will deal in a fair and honest manner with every customer regardless of their colour, race or religion.

Members will embrace the FKBD objective to deliver the highest possible standards of advice, design and service to each customer, always remembering that in the KBB industry we deal with peoples’ dreams and aspirations and design and service means providing them with the most suitable plans and products for their needs and with regard to their budget.

Members will undertake only those professional services for which they are qualified either by education or experience. Members are accountable for their actions and must ensure that any task or service undertaken for their clients or customers is within each member’s competence and ability.

Members will maintain all confidences and will take every reasonable step to ensure that personal or sensitive information entrusted to them is kept safe and secure.

Members will strive to consider the health and safety of colleagues and customers and work within any health and safety legislation or guidelines which might apply at any given time.

Members will comply with building regulations or other legal requirements or restrictions which exist and apply to any proposed works.

Members will not accept any gifts or inducements which are designed to influence the outcome of a tender or contract negotiation and which may therefore compromise their professional position.

Members who are self employed will maintain adequate insurance cover in respect of public (and employers if relevant) liability.  Members in employment must ensure that their employers maintain adequate insurance cover as above.

All quotations will contain detail of exactly what works are included in the price and explain any required work which would be additional to the quoted price. 

Where prices are an estimate, customers will be made fully aware of this, and will be informed in a timely manner of any circumstances which are likely to cause an increase in the estimated price.  It is of course accepted that the nature of KBB work means that certain situations are not always fully understood until work is underway and the structures in question can be exposed examined.  Members will keep customers fully informed of any possible price changes in such circumstances.

FKBD members will provide customers with a clear payment schedule which explains the total amount to be paid and details when payments are required and how much each payment will be, subject to any possible changes where some amounts may have been estimated.

Where customers are offered a finance package to assist with a purchase, the agreed repayment schedule along with details of any initial deposit requirement will be provided in writing.  The total cost of the contract including any finance interest will be clearly identified.  (Members may have further obligations under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act.)

Wherever possible FKBD members will respect the natural environment and take reasonable steps to mitigate the environmental impact of all works.


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