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The FREE professional association, open for EVERYONE in the Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom industry.

If you work within or close to the KBB industry you will be welcome in our online community.  We can all learn and benefit from shared experiences whether gained in the installation or showroom side of our business.  Interior designers with an interest in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms and people working in the tile, flooring and lighting industries are all welcome. But, of course, if you are a kitchen designer, bathroom designer or bedroom designer FKBD is the professional association for you.

Our mission is simple:

FKBD promotes high standards of design and customer service offering support to the people who interact every day with the KBB consumer.

We are focused on the people, without whom there would be no KBB industry.  These individuals at the sharp end are the guides and influencers who create designs, offer advice and close the sales which keep the whole industry afloat.  Our business is a complex one, and our customers, regardless of price point, seek help and advice from retail staff to make their purchasing decisions, so it is clear that many reputations are dependent on the quality of this advice.

FKBD want to support you, particularly the sales and design teams, as experts in your field.

How do we propose to achieve this?

Well, we need your help.  As KBB sales people and designers you can get onboard our FREE online community and interact and assist each other.

The facilities are here for you to ask questions, answer others and join in discussions about sales, design or any aspects of the industry you consider relevant or important.  You can also socialise, because it's never all about work.  If you prefer you can just watch others, there is no requirement to be actively involved and we emphasise again there is no cost.

Education is of course an essential way forward and we will support all efforts to provide useful courses, with the aim to develop our own learning platform going forward. 

Meanwhile we provide guidance on existing design conventions and technical help with product selection and specification, based on the cumulative experience of our governing committee.  We also provide links to existing specialised training organisations where KBB related courses are available.

Our website is there to provide a vehicle for communication and support.

Why is all this necessary?

Put bluntly, there are no formal qualifications for KBB people.

There is no required standard of training and no tested minimum level of knowledge for someone to become a KBB designer.  This means that absolutely anyone, regardless of ability or experience, can call themselves a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom designer and proceed to advise customers when in reality they have no knowledge to base their advise on.  Crazy situation isn't it?  But that's where we are.

Sadly the customer has no idea if they are being well advised, and no benchmark or indication if their advisor is in fact competent and experienced.  Of course a design error or a poor specification can create a very expensive disaster for the customer as well as a painful situation for the retailer, supplier and even manufacturer.  By ensuring that our standards are kept high and that our people have knowledge, and a way to find answers quickly and reliably, we can minimise the potential for disaster.

No other similar industry lets their sales or design teams loose with no qualifications.

Click here to see a report from KBB Review about a recent case in the UK.

As a part of FKBD potential clients will see you are a dedicated professional with the expertise and experience of all your association members available for support.

Please click here and become an FKBD associate now,  its free, easy and will only take a few moments of your time.

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