Inspiration and ideas for designing your bathroom


Where to start?  That's the question.

Available space and natural light will play a key role in the design process.  Next the proposed usage, is this a family bathroom, will there be young children, will there be older less able users?  These are key points to consider, and of course your own personal taste, likes or dislikes.  Bathroom design really starts by establishing which features or facilities need to be included, considering how these essentials will fit into the available space and then looking at your chosen colours, textures and finishes.

Fortunately these days there is so much choice in terms of colours, textures and actual fittings that we are seldom stuck for an idea.

The loo can set your style

Your choice of toilet immediately conveys thoughts of a particular era.  You can go very traditional, ultra modern or anywhere in between. More on toilet options.

If you favour a traditional theme consider a high level loo with the cistern wall mounted around 2M from floor level, or if you don't want to go so far there is the low level option.  Ultra modern calls for wall hung or the back to wall which looks similar with a concealed cistern, but set on the floor.  Wall hung toilets will support a considerable weight but many people are unnecessarily suspicious.  However they look great in a modern setting.  Even the more commonly used close couplet toilet is available in many different styles and shapes.

A look at some toilet options

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Another demo

A nice basin can provide a real focal point

As bathrooms design evolves and we all want our homes to be beautiful as well as functional, manufacturers and designers are constantly developing new ideas and also spicing up some old ones.  The washbasins of today offer much more than the standard basin bolted onto your wall or stood on a pedestal.  Basins can provide style, colour and individuality.  More on basin options.

Vessel basins offer something a little different from the norm. 

A form based on the age old bowl on a washstand, the vessel (or countertop) is a basin designed to stand on a worktop, shelf or other surface.  It might not be suitable for every occasion, but it will surely inject some character into your room if it fits with the rest of your design.

Some examples of Vessel or Countertop basins

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Check out these rather special vessel basins from Arty Basins

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Anyone interested in finding out more can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prices for these will be from around £250.  That's pretty reasonable for a statement piece.


















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