An introduction to Membership

 The FKBD aim is to professionalise the KBB industry

Our aim is to build a community of people working in or involved with the kitchen bedroom and bathroom industry.  We operate as a broad church and welcome people who have specialised in allied industries such as tiling, lighting and appliances as well as interior design.  

However, while this is a wide base for our community, to be a full FKBD member experience and knowledge of design is an essential requirement.

This website is designed to offer you a place to interact with each other, to learn and to assist.  The KBB industry can be challenging, particularly at the sharp end where we meet our customers, and regardless of your individual experience, there will always be lessons to learn.  Here you can share your experiences and gain something yourself while you help others.  The members area of the site is only open to registered members of our community, but you can also post pictures and information publicly if you want to display your projects and your talents.

We hope that as we grow membership of the FKBD will be recognised as a mark of skill and integrity giving customers added confidence in you as a designer and trust in your business offering.