Why do designers need an association?

There is no requirement for kitchen and bathroom designers to hold a qualification.

In fact, until very recently, there has been no formal training or qualifications available.

Anyone can work as a kitchen or bathroom designer, there is no requirement for recognised training, accreditation or even basic product knowledge.

Because of this lack of control, the kitchen bedroom and bathroom industry unfortunately often finds itself in the firing line when customers feel they have been misinformed or sold products which do not meet there needs.  Poor designs will be inefficient, difficult and maybe even dangerous for customers, and bad product specification leads to customer complaints, dissatisfaction, refunds and returns.  This is all costly and troublesome for customers, retailers and manufacturers and of course can damage reputations with poor revues and negative publicity.

The FKBD is an association for designers who can show that they have both product knowledge and design ability, and membership of this association is a mark of competence and trust.  The FKBD can provide potential customers with an indication that their kitchen , bedroom or bathroom designer has an understanding of KBB design and is able to give them sound advice about both design and products.  Essentially an FKBD member can be trusted to provide a good service.

With kitchen bedroom and bathroom designs being so central to home design and decor these days, it is important that customers can be confident in their supplier.  After all, we are talking about major purchase decisions, and high value products so it seems totally wrong to allow untrained individuals to assist customers with such important projects.  Of course the vast majority of KBB retailers would not let loose an untrained staff member on customers, but the fact remains that they legally could.

It would be ideal if the public could be provided with an indicator showing them they are dealing with a competent individual, and FKBD membership could provide exactly that.