The importance of setting a budget for your new kitchen


Establish your kitchen budget.

When you visit a kitchen showroom a question you will be asked is

“how much do you want to spend?”

Many people are reluctant to reveal their budget as they feel affordability and finance is personal and they want to maintain the upper hand in price negotiations.  Therefore many of us are not totally honest about our budget.  We might feel that if we suggest say £5000, the retailer will do his upmost to ensure we spend every last available penny, even if he could do the job we want for £3000.

Sadly this can sometimes be true, but in the vast majority of cases, the designer is simply gathering some information which is vital to providing you with a good design. They don’t want to squeeze every last penny from you, but they do want to offer a design solution which fits your needs, and affordability is critical for most of us.

Designing a kitchen is a process of providing you, the client, with a solution which meets your needs, looks how you want and which falls into your financial comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid to reveal you budget, but look out also for the other indications that your retailer/designer is knowledgeable and competent.

If you are intending to use savings for your purchase then your calculation is fairly easy.  You will know what you feel comfortable spending.

If you intend to borrow then its best to have a look at various lenders.  Many dealers will provide their own finance plans, but these might not offer the best options for you. Check out other alternatives like your bank, building society or one of the specialist home improvement lenders.  Finance from your dealer will offer convenience, but you might be able to get a better deal on your own.

Perhaps of greater importance is understanding a little of what you have to budget for, and kitchens in particular are very complex in their pricing structure.

The kitchen itself, ie the units, worktops and appliances, only represent part of the overall cost.  The kitchen needs to be fitted and your house may require some modifications to be ready for the new units.  There could be structural alterations, there will almost certainly be electrical and plumbing work required, and the old kitchen must be removed and disposed of.

When the job is finished you will probably want to decorate, maybe tile some walls and lay new flooring, and all these add to the cost.  

Considering everything you can surely see how important it is to set your budget, and especially so if you are using different suppliers, eg buying a kitchen furniture from one, appliances from another and then organising a fitter yourself.  It is very easy to overspend on one area (most often the kitchen furniture) and leave yourself short somewhere else.

Decide on an affordable figure as the overall budget.

Never lose sight of the big picture.   

Take notes to help your memory and work to your overall total figure.  

If you are dealing with a professional designer be honest about your budget.  That will allow them to work out the best design and specification for you, within your means.  At that stage you have no commitment to buy, so truthfully you have little to lose by being honest about your budget.


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