Jamie OliverFollowing the launch of the ‘Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food’ campaign, Hotpoint and brand ambassador Jamie Oliver have compiled a selection of tips to help consumers avoid food waste at home.


Approximately one-third of all food produced for domestic consumption is either lost or wasted and, by 2020, this is estimated to rise to 40 per cent1. In Europe alone, 88 million tons of food goes to waste every year2 and across the EU, 53 per cent of this waste occurs at home3. Subsequently, the Hotpoint ‘Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food’ campaign helps to empower consumers to make mindful food decisions and better care for what they eat.


Tips to reduce food waste include mindful storage in the fridge, batch cooking, maximising the use of the freezer and utilising leftovers by taking a different approach to those ingredients that are commonly forgotten about in the fridge.Jamie Oliver


Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint says: “Hotpoint is committed to helping consumers put a stop to food waste by rebooting leftovers, catching food before it turns. By storing food correctly, this can dramatically help to reduce food waste at home.”


Jamie Oliver, Brand Ambassador, Hotpoint says: “Storing food in the right way might not be the sexiest subject on the planet, but it’s very important for durability. Try and plan your meals before you go food shopping to avoid buying more than you need. Leftover fruit and veg is often tossed out at the end of the week, so think about buying little and often, instead of adding loads in one go.”




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