Basins can add real flair and style to your bathroom

Pedestal Basin

Semi Pedestal Basin


This is the "standard" wash hand basin which is set on top of a ceramic pedestal.  The basin should be fixed to and supported by the wall, the pedestal is not designed to actually offer any support but to cover the hot and cold feeds to the taps and also the waste pipe and trap.

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Similar to the pedestal basin above, but the pedestal is not mounted on the floor but suspended under the basin and only half (approx) height.  The basin needs to be well fixed to the wall and the hot & cold pipes and waste are fed through the wall and not from the floor. 

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  Wall Hung Basin

  Wash Stand


 A basin fixed firmly to the wall without any pedestal below.  Usually the feed and waste pipes are brought through the wall and the waste exits via a bottle trap.

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 This design is usually associated with a period style but there are also contemporary versions.  Again the basin is fixed onto the wall but a decorative frame  is fitted below which does actually offer support.  A pedestal is not normally used but a semi pedestal may be used with some designs, although normally a decorative bottle trap would feature.

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Vessel Basin  (Countertop basin)

Inset Basin  


 Vessel basins are designed to sit on top of a shelf or furniture piece.  They come in many shapes and styles suitable for period or contemporary settings and also are made in a variety of materials.  Vessel basins provide designers with a multitude of possibilities and certainly create a wow factor in any bathroom.

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 As the name suggests an inset basin is designed to fit into a shelf or a flat surface.  There will be a rim which projects above the surface but the bulk of the basin is below and usually hidden in a cupboard/drawer base.

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Semi Inset Basin  

Undermount Basin  


 Semi inset basins are designed for slimline furniture where they are wider than the unit they sit on, so some of the basin projects forward from the furniture.  These usually are dedicated to a particular furniture unit and totally unsuitable for use without it.

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 Like the inset above, the undermount basin is fitted along with a shelf or flat surface, however this style is mounted below and none of the basin projects above the shelf.

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  Vanity Basin (furniture basin)

  Winged Basin


 Vanity basin can cover many styles and options, but here we are thinking of the style of basin which is specifically intended to be set onto a piece of furniture.  Usually these basins are sold as part of the furniture (Vanity) unit and are not suitable for use without the unit.  Normally the underside is not glazed as when fitted onto the furniture this surface is not visible.

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 A one piece basin and integral shelf design is called a winged basin, the shelf can be on one or both sides of the basin, but the whole item is one piece.  Sometimes also called a slab basin.

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traditional basin

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