Design yourself or ask a professional? 


At first glance bathroom design seems fairly straightforward but things get complicated if you want to move items around.


Whether or not you tackle the job of designing your own bathroom can often be decided by the size of your room.  In many properties the bathroom is just that, a room just about big enough to fit the toilet, basin and bath into, so you might find there is no scope for big changes.


Professional advice is always valuable.


Of course you are unlikely to be familiar with the range of products which are available today and this is where a professional designer can advise.  For example there are many variations of the shower bath, and you might be able to fit in this type of combination if you use the correct product.

The professional will also be familiar with the technical aspects of bathroom fitting, and will know what is and what is not feasible. You might think that a certain product will fit but may have overlooked a potential problem with fitting.


Designing can be fun.


It certainly can be enjoyable to research products, look at tiles and other wall and floor finishes, then work out your own idea of how your new bathroom can be put together.  You might have a flair for interior design or decorating, but if you choose an item which is less than ideal for your circumstances, you could make a very costly error.


A simple change.


In a small bathroom, simply changing the bathroom suite can make a big difference to the look and feel of the room.  If you are just wanting to improve the look of the house, perhaps to sell, then this can be an affordable solution.  However there are regulations which apply to plumbing works in a dwelling, so before you consider taking on all the work yourself, check out the water authority requirements locally.


A full makeover.


If a complete makeover of your bathroom is what you want then expert advice is invaluable.  Your best plan is to research products and styles, form an idea of what you want, then have a chat with your local bathroom store or designer and discuss your ideas with them.  All good designers will welcome your input  and produce a design which follows your plan as closely as possible, but where your ideas could cause a problem, the designer will explain the difficulty, and work with you to find a solution.


The finishing touches.


To have your new bathroom look its absolute best it is essential to provide adequate lighting, and to make the best use of colour and texture.  There are many techniques which will greatly enhance the room’s appearance and create a feeling of space in a small area, and most of these are concerned with using the best colours and lighting.  This is really where the professional designer will excel, having the skills and flair to combine colours and surface textures, and the knowledge of what products are available and of course affordable.


We believe that consulting with a professional is a very good idea, even if your bathroom is small.  You will receive the best advice about products and finishes, you will be advised on how the products can be installed and most importantly you can avoid making what could be a very costly mistake.



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