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Buying a Kitchen

It’s difficult to know where best to start with advice on buying a new kitchen, because everyone has different needs and desires, not to mention taste.  But without doubt, the best way forward is to: 

think with your head, not just with your heart.

Every kitchen purchase is complex, but can be considered in four separate stages.

set your budget

Your budget calculations.

It is vital to work out what you are comfortable spending on your new kitchen project.  Whether you have the cash saved up or you plan to borrow, you must fix an affordable limit on what you intend to spend. This will let you make the best decisions about products and will help you with your best value choices.

Remember, it's not just about price, value is what you should look for.

 cost of a kitchen
 setting your budget 
 kitchen finance 

kitchen designThe kitchen design.

Naturally you want something pleasing to your eye, but first think of the practicalities.  Kitchens have to function within your home.  You need to have a working area for food storage and preparation, cooking, serving, perhaps eating and even entertaining, and then cleaning up afterwards. There are many aspects of design to consider.

If you are unsure at all, please speak to a professional and avoid the chances of a costly a troublesome mistake.

The most beautiful kitchen will be useless if you trip yourself up trying to make dinner.

 value of design 
 kitchen design tips 
 professional or diy 

kitchen stylesThe style, products, finish and materials.

Are you a traditionalist or do you appreciate cutting edge modern design?  Do you like the warmth of natural timber or prefer the subtlety of pastel shades and minimalism?  Whatever your taste there will be a kitchen to suit, the scope and range of materials, styles and colours is almost infinite.

Do your research, look online and in the magazines, but a visit to a kitchen specialist showroom is the only way to really get a feel for the various products and to appreciate the difference between various styles and materials.  

A picture may be worth one thousand words, but a touch is invaluable.

 what's available 
 How they compare 
 tips on choosing  

kitchen installationThe installation.

Every kitchen is simply the sum of its components, but if they are poorly assembled the end result will not be good.  Competent installation is an essential ingredient for every kitchen.

However, many of us seem to have little idea about the costs of installation, the amount of work involved or the timescale from start to completion.  If you know what to expect it will be much easier to plan for the event.  Having a kitchen installed is a disruptive and intrusive process, but the finished result will be well worth the short inconvenience.

Think about the installation as part of your overall plan.

 installation tips 
 installation time scale 


high streetWhere to look and buy.

The internet and home style magazines are great for research and for identifying items which fit your needs, but it’s always good to see the real thing and run your fingers across it.   So always try to visit some showrooms where not only can you see and feel things, but you can benefit from professional advice and probably a design service.