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Looking for kitchen Inspiration?

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Kitchen design embraces countless styles.

The buttons above will take you to images of beautiful kitchens classified under those four main headings.  We have tried to form these basic groups to help you find inspiring pictures to fire your imagination with ideas in the styles which suit your individual taste and character.  However, today, designers do not limit their scope to single styles, and many draw together various themes and ideas to create original and imaginative kitchens, but to help you navigate the countless variations we have divided images into these four classifications.  There will, of course, be some inevitable crossovers, but we hope you enjoy the pictures and find the inspiration you need to progress your own project.

You can find loads more information in our Buying a Kitchen section and our Kitchen Design section which should be helpful, or you can Contact Us or even post on our ask the expert forum if you have a specific question.  You can also leave your thoughts, personal experiences or your reviews on our General Chatter forum and of course read the opinions of others.

 Here's a quick glimpse of some kitchens in this section:

 island design  contemporary kitchen design  minimal kitchen style  curved island
 aga in kitchen inglenook  modern breakfast bar  minimal design  boat house kitchen
 Belfast sink typical modern style kitchen     splashback art
 traditional style  modern island design    cutting edge kitchen design