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Some honest, independant advice to help with your home improvement project.

 The FKBD are totally unbiased, all opinion here is ours and not influenced by manufacturers, suppliers or other commercial interest.  The world of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms is extensive and complex, and many of you will find it difficult to work out what exactly are the differences between various products, and which are best suited to your needs and budget, so we have assembled some helpful hints to hopefully assist with your project.

Bathroom Q&A

shower head

Questions and answers about bathrooms

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General KBB Q & A

vanity basins

Questions and answers about buying a new kitchen bedroom or bathroom.

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Kitchen Q and A

fitted kitchen

Questions and answers about kitchens

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Top Ten Tips

Our Top Ten Tips on how to organise your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom project.

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finance your kitchen


What finance is available for your kitchen?                        What are the costs?


Now you need to think about your budget which has an obvious effect on your choices, however the range of suppliers and manufacturers which exists today still allows for a really wide choice of finishes and facilities without costs escalating to the dizzy heights, but by understanding your budget you will be better equipped to make the best choices. You need to understand how the overall cost of your kitchen will be determined because it is very easy to look at the cost of say units and forget about worktops, appliances of fitting.


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