Kitchen Information

Your guide through the maze of kitchen choices from a totally independant perspective.

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intro imageIf you are considering buying a new kitchen our guidance and ideas should help.  We discuss and explain about kitchen design, about the choices of door styles and types, worktops sinks and taps, plus we explain about the appliances, how they differ and what type might suit your needs.  Finally we look at the accessories and finishing touches.  If you are looking for some unbiased kitchen information, check out this section.

  • Designing Your Kitchen

    Advice and hints on planning your kitchen project, design ideas and thoughts about professional kitchen designers.

  • Kitchen Trends and Styles

    Keep up to date with developments in the kitchen world and understand the various styles available and what might best suit your needs and taste. 

  • What makes a Kitchen?

    A detailed look at how kitchen furniture is made, the various materials used and how alternative materials and construction methods compare.

  • Kitchen Sinks and Taps

    The right sink is an important feature in your kitchen, compare the various types here to see what would be best for you. Taps also come in a massive range of types and styles, find out how they compare here.

  • Appliances for Your Kitchen

    What a world of choice is offered by kitchen appliance manufacturers.  Understand what they do and choose what best suits your needs.

  • Worksurfaces in Your Kitchen

    Kitchen worksurfaces present another huge choice, both in looks and in cost.  Find out the pros and the cons of the different types.

  • Heating and Lighting Your Kitchen

    The right lighting can make you kitchen really special, and don't forget about keeping warm!

  • Accessorise Your Kitchen

    All those little details are so important, and there is a massive range of gadgets and gizmos on offer to assist with those kitchen tasks.

  • Kitchen Image Gallery

    Browse these stunning images of kitchens and inspired!

  • Kitchen Advisor

    So you are thinking of having a new kitchen fitted?  The Kitchen Advisor will tell you all you need to know.