Importance of Bathroom Design

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The importance of good bathroom design.

A bathroom is so much more than a functional area.  We expect our bathrooms to be relaxing, to offer somewhere to unwind and enjoy some peace and tranquillity, yet we still have the basic functional requirements which must be fulfilled.

Product choice is bewildering, as is the extensive range of colours, finishes and little finishing touches which bring that degree of personalisation.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for most people is how to fit the proverbial quart into a pint pot!  (for younger readers, that’s a litre into a 500cc bottle) Bathrooms have not been areas which architects and builders have allocated vast amounts of space to, in fact, traditionally the bathroom has often been just big enough to fit a bath into.  Even in new build properties the trend is to provide multiple bathrooms rather than one of a good size.  Naturally this has clear plus points, but presents many design challenges.

This evolution towards bathrooms as lifestyle essentials, not simple utilities, has given rise to the explosion in product variety, but has also posed the problem of squeezing all the modern requirements into a small or moderately sized room.

Bathroom design is the art of meeting your needs within your budget and confines of space and providing a great looking addition to your home.

Getting your bathroom design wrong can result in a facility which is difficult to use, which fails to fulfil your needs adequately, which is visually unattractive, or which is simply dangerous.  A poor bathroom design will not enhance your home of your lifestyle, and it can be very expensive to put right.

Bathroom design is something which many people fail to fully consider, and even if you only want to just make a simple upgrade, some thought about design could help you achieve a much better outcome.  It could help to stretch you budget and produce a result you didn't even dream was possible.

Bathrooms have traditionally supplied through the  plumbing trade, but the bathroom specialist showroom has become more established, and if you want a really chic, on trend bathroom, which is good for a bit more than the basics, then it’s well worth a visit to a specialist where you will have the chance to meet a professional bathroom designer.