Please help us to ensure that the standards of design and customer service in the KBB industry are elevated to the highest possible level.

By recognising and accrediting individuals in the KBB industry we can help to reassure potential customers that the advice they receive is genuine and work towards the elimination of "cowboy traders".  


In these times when kitchens and bathrooms are becoming more integrated living spaces within our homes, rather than mere utility areas, it seems strange that anyone can become a kitchen or bathroom designer with no structured training or qualifications.  It seems even more unusual that there are professional qualifications for designers who colour coordinate curtains, wall coverings etc and who suggest furniture styles and positions, yet anyone can walk off the street and call themselves a kitchen or bathroom designer.  No offence at all intended to interior design professionals, but a bad kitchen design can actually be dangerous!

Of course most people working in kitchen and bathroom sales and design are knowledgeable about their products and well versed in the principals of design, but the point is they do not HAVE to be, and potential customers have no way to tell if they are dealing with a professional or not.

The FKBD will offer a solution and help to ensure that customers can have confidence in their chosen designer by accrediting competent individuals and working with other organisations to provide education and continued professional development.


Our mission is to Focus on Kitchen and Bathroom Design

and we promote the highest possible standards of design by:

Providing a professional association for kitchen and bathroom designers

Working towards the introduction of formal structured training and qualifications

Offering unbiased and independent guidance and advice to the public

.....Appreciate the Importance of Design