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  • Bedroom Information

    An independant look at what's available for furnishing your bedroom.

    If you are thinking about reorganising your bedroom and looking for some ideas on design and information about the different furniture styles available, then this section will be of interest.  We offer independent advice on the various styles and types of bedroom furniture available today, and look at beds, mattresses, soft furnishings and the importance of lighting, presenting a comprehensive guidance section on both modern and classical bedroom design.

  • Tips and Hints

    Some honest, independant advice to help with your home improvement project.

     The FKBD are totally unbiased, all opinion here is ours and not influenced by manufacturers, suppliers or other commercial interest.  The world of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms is extensive and complex, and many of you will find it difficult to work out what exactly are the differences between various products, and which are best suited to your needs and budget, so we have assembled some helpful hints to hopefully assist with your project.

  • Tile Information

    An FKBD guide to tiles and tiling.

    The different types and styles are explained and we offer advice on choosing your tiles for wall or floor.  See ideas for using mosaic tiles or contrasting colours to create interesting designs, and find out what to look for when you are buying tiles.  We also cover the choices of adhesives and grout and we provide advice on measuring your room to work out  what quantities are required.

  • Regulations and Guidance

    A guide through some of the rules and regulations which may affect your project.

    When you are about to undertake a major project at home, like a new kitchen or bathroom, there are lots of things to consider.  When you are trying to order some of your thoughts it's a good idea to have some knowledge of the rules and regulations which will affect how you need to plan and implement the works. 


  • Ecological Issues

    It is vital that we consider the effects of our plans on the enviornment.

    Everyone if aware of the damage caused to our enviornment by the progress of industry and development, but now we are finally looking for alternative energy sources and materials and aiming to make our design and build projects more sustainable.

  • Consumer News

    Product news and updates on services and techniques throughout the kitchen bedroom and bathroom industry.

  • Food and drink

    Kitchens are a place for the preparation of food, a subject close to many of us.  So what kitchen information site would be complete without a section dedicated to food and of course a drink to accompany it.